Sports Officials Insurance

Exclusive Coverage for USA Softball Registered Umpires
As an USA Softball Registered Umpire, you receive many benefits of membership, including liability and accident insurance to cover you when you are performing your duties as an USA Softball umpire.

Many USA Softball umpires also officiate other sports, where insurance may not be provided or may be very expensive.

As a benefit of USA Softball membership, USA Softball Umpire Associations can purchase liability and accident insurance at a very reasonable cost to protect their umpires when officiating other sports.

The USA Softball has arranged through RPS Bollinger and Markel Insurance Company to offer this insurance package exclusively to USA Softball umpires for just $25 per umpire.

This offer is only available to currently registered USA Softball Umpires and must be purchased through your state, metro or local USA Softball Umpire Association.


Policy Benefits

Excess Accident Benefit $100,000
Deductible per claim $500
Benefit period 52 weeks
Accidental Death Benefit $10,000
Dismemberment Benefit      $10,000
Limit per occurrence $1 million
Aggregate limit $3 million
Includes participant legal liability


Game Fee Reimbursement
Umpires who purchase this plan will also be covered for game fee reimbursement if they are injured while officiating and seek medical attention within 60 days from the date of injury.

Lost officiating or umpire game fees     Up to $200 per week
Reimbursement per policy term Up to $2,500 maximum
Benefit period 52 weeks
Waiting period 7 days
Premium $25 per year per official


Program Features

  • USA Softball Umpire Associations can purchase accident & liability coverage for their umpires officiating other sports
  • This plan is only available to currently registered USA Softball umpires
  • Coverage must be purchased by USA Softball Umpire Associations. This plan is not available to individual umpires
  • Requires a minimum of ten umpires (or a $250 minimum premium will apply)
  • Common policy year of January 1 to January 1
  • Does not cover non-USA softball
  • California USA Softball umpires will also be covered for SCMAF softball officiating
  • ADDED COVERAGE: Umpires who purchase this plan will also be covered for game fee reimbursement for injuries incurred while umpiring USA Softball games
  • Premium: $25 per year per official for the full Accident, Liability, and Game Fee Reimbursement protection