Individual Registration Program - FAQ

Why Promote Individual Registration?
As the National Governing Body for Softball, USA Softball is committed to the goal of providing Accident and Liability insurance to all participants in the Junior Olympic (youth) program. This is especially important as more and more
American families do not have their own medical insurance. Individual Registration is also available to Adult leagues in certain areas.


How Do We Implement Individual Registration?
The manager of your team or league should contact your local USA Softball Commissioner or JO Commissioner for individually registering in your area. To find your USA Softball Commissioner, contact USA Softball or visit their web site at


Is Insurance Included With Individual Registration?
Yes! As an individually registered member of USA Softball, you are automatically covered for Liability and Accident Insurance. The Liability provides a limit of $2,000,000 to protect you from lawsuits arising out of bodily injury or property damage to others as a result of your softball activities. USA Softball individual registration members are also automatically provided with a $250,000 limit of Accident Medical insurance. This policy helps cover the cost of medical treatment if you are injured while playing softball.


Does The USA Softball Insurance Follow Me if I Play on Another Team?
Yes, but only if you play on another USA Softball registered team. The USA Softball insurance does not cover you if you play on a non-USA Softball team.


What if My Team Plays in a non-USA Softball Sanctioned Event - Does The USA Softball Insurance Still Apply?
Yes, teams who are individually registered are covered while playing in any amateur softball games or activities, whether USA Softball, USSSA, NSA, etc.


Who is Insured Under The Liability Policy?
As an individually registered team, the team as an entity, along with its coaches, managers, players and volunteers are covered by the USA Softball Liability policy.


Are League Officers Covered?
If all of the teams within your league individually register with USA Softball, then the interests of the League and the league officers are automatically covered by the liability policy. Remember, the Liability policy covers you for claims arising out of Bodily Injury and Property Damage to others. Additionally, the league has the option to purchase Directors & Officers Liability, which protects you from lawsuits alleging wrongful acts or errors and omissions-type claims (such  as discrimination suits, wrongful termination, etc.). This is optional insurance that can be purchased on the web site. Click on “Purchase D&O Insurance” on the menu bar.


Are Coaches or Parents Covered When They Drive Players to a Game, Practice, or Tournament?
No, there is no auto liability coverage under this policy. Coverage for transporting participants is specifically excluded under the USA Softball Liability program.


Do Coaches Need to Individually Register?
In order for a coach to be covered for Accident insurance (in case he or she gets injured), they need to individually register.


Are Players Covered While Participating in Tryouts?
Yes, players are covered prior to actual registration and payment. However, any player who is injured during tryouts must be registered asap in order for coverage to apply retroactively to his/her injury.


What Accident Deductibles Are Available Under The Individual Registration Plan? 
There are two deductible options for JO players: $125 or $250 deductible. The Commissioner or League Official will determine the deductible option that is available to your team or league. Adult players have a $500 deductible. (Note that the deductible for Coaches is the same as the deductible selected for the players on that team.)


What Do We Do If a Player Quits The League After We Have Submitted The Information and Payment to USA Softball?
Once submitted, the registration and insurance continue for the remainder of the year and may not be canceled. That person would be covered while participating on any USA Softball team.


If Our League Hosts a Tournament Are We Covered?
If the teams are within your league and the league is 100% individually registered, then the tournament is covered, as well as your interests as the tournament sponsor. However, if the teams are outside of your league, you should purchase the USA Softball Tournament Insurance for the event.