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US Lacrosse

Celebrating over a decade as the insurance administrator for the national governing body for lacrosse, US Lacrosse and its national men's & women's lacrosse teams, RPS Bollinger is the largest insurer of Lacrosse in the country.

Through RPS Bollinger, lacrosse players, coaches, officials, umpires, camps, clinics and tournaments can all find the comprehensive Lacrosse Insurance they need. In addition, RPS Bollinger provides lacrosse Insurance for Major League Lacrosse and other professional lacrosse teams.

Please contact one of our sports underwriters today for more information on these programs & coverages, or visit uslacrosse.org.

Effective March 1, 2017, customers will be charged $25 for each additional insured certificate when placing an online order or when an application has been submitted for processing. Fees are charged for US Lacrosse Non-Member Events only. If there is an event where US Lacrosse membership is mandated, there is no charge for any certificates.