Loss Prevention/Claims Services

Loss Prevention
Minimizing potential claims from arising is one of the best ways to maintain stable insurance premiums and continuity with your insurance provider. In addition, protecting a club's assets properly and providing a safe and secure environment for the members is essential to the long term success of a club. RPS Bollinger and our insuring partner provide a variety of loss prevention services to aid you in the management of risk. Some of these include:

  • Loss prevention bulletins that address relevant key issues for a club
  • Loss prevention surveys of the club and its operation that offer recommendations to aid in managing risk and could help in reducing or stabilizing insurance premiums
  • Online access to topical risk management
  • Employment practices loss prevention training
  • Web casts and telephone seminars that are topical and provide on-going education
  • Employee screening services
  • Water safety management and operational analysis of aquatic exposures
  • Workers Compensation requirements and claims management


When an event occurs that could result in a claim you need to know that your insurance provider will respond appropriately. How effectively claims are serviced and adjudicated directly reflect on your opinion of the insurance provider. This effectiveness should be a primary reason as to where you choose to place your insurance. With years of experience in claims management RPS Bollinger has established a reputation for fast and accurate claims handling and service. Some of the benefits of our claims service include:

  • The utilization of AIG Claims Services network on a nationwide basis
  • Claims response on a 24 hours a day and 7 days a week basis
  • Technical expertise related to how claims should be managed and adjudicated in the club sector
  • Handling of claims by professionals that deal with this sector everyday
  • Real time information on existing or potential claims
  • An Acord form must be completed for all losses including Hole in One Claims

To contact AIG Claims Services and report a property, auto or casualty claim:

  • Email: club.program@AIG.com
    Phone: 877.718.0375
    Fax: 877.868.5522
    Lexington Call Center: 877.873.9972
  • All Directors & Officers / Employment Practices Liability claims should be emailed to